Corporate Team-Building

Taking the Lead helps build teams and leaders who operate in corporate environments. Enhancement of team performance, cooperation and leadership is afforded by equine-assisted learning strategies specifically designed for success in the business world.

A barn here at Taking the Lead.
Groups enjoying their tiime at Taking the Lead.

The Taking the Lead Approach

Create a better, stronger and more successful team with Taking the Lead.

Benefits from Equine-Assisted Learning:

Management & Leadership

  • Organizational Motivation
  • Building Organizational Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking

Communication Skills

  • Listening
  • Non-Verbal
  • Verbal
  • Creative Presentation

Team Building with Goal Attainment

  • Identify Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • Team Member Effectiveness
  • Working With Different Personalities
  • Identify, Plan and Succeed Team Goals
  • Learn how Personal & Team Goals affect others

Confidence Building

  • Overcome Fears
  • Embrace Challenges
  • Foster New Ideas

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